Thank you for letting us know what you think about the three Regeneration Areas in St Peter Port: Lower Pollet, South Esplanade and Mignot Plateau, and Mansell Street/Le Bordage
We have now completed Stage 1 of the project including our initial public consultation. Thank you for visiting the consultation website and taking the time to answer our survey and/or highlight your comments on the interactive map. We will be reviewing all responses received online and in-person, and these will inform the draft Development Framework which we are now developing.

We will be sharing the draft Development Framework and requesting feedback during the formal six-week consultation period currently planned for Spring 2021. This formal consultation period will be widely advertised in due course.

Check back to view our Frequently Asked Questions page on this website which respond to the recurring queries that we received as part of the early stage consultation.


The Development and Planning Authority have appointed Tibbalds and a team of consultants (who also prepared the Leale's Yard Regeneration Area Development Framework, approved in May 2020) to create the Development Framework for the three remaining Regeneration Areas in St Peter Port, as identified within the Island Development Plan 2016:
  • Lower Pollet;
  • South Esplanade and Mignot Plateau; and
  • Mansell Street / Le Bordage.
We have recently concluded Stage 1 (of 5) of the project where we gathered the views of the local community as to what their thoughts and aspirations are for the three areas via a survey and an interactive mapping tool. The following project stages will focus on: developing the vision, objectives and development scenarios (Stage 2 - current); developing the draft Development Framework(s) (Stage 3); formal consultation (Stage 4); and finalising the draft Development Framework (Stage 5).
Purpose of the Development Framework(s)
The Development Framework(s) for all three Regeneration Areas will consider how these areas could change and evolve into vibrant mixed-use areas which support and help sustain the vitality and viability of St Peter Port as a whole whilst creating distinct areas within themselves.

The Development Framework(s) will also consider how the overall pedestrian and user experience can be improved across the Regeneration Areas to provide safe and attractive connections across the wider area, including where key areas of attractive public open space could be enhanced or created to allow people to meet, rest and relax.
Future public engagement
Once the Development Framework(s) have been drafted and approved to go to formal public consultation, the public will be informed of where they can review the draft document as well as how they can express their views or ask questions. The draft Development Framework(s) is expected to be ready in Spring 2021.
What would you like to do?
The consultant team
Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design (urban design, planning and consultation) are leading a consultant team including BBUK Landscape (landscape and public realm), AspinallVerdi (property and development advice), Expedition (engineers and flood risk) and Momentum (transport and movement).

Key information
If you have any questions or queries about our consultation process, please e-mail the project team at
Key project milestones
Initial public, stakeholder and property/land owner consultationNovember 2020 to December 2020
Formal public consultation on Draft Development Framework(s) Spring 2020
Adoption of final St Peter Port Regeneration Area Development FrameworkSummer 2020
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